A few of my favorite cuties! | Albuquerque Baby Photographer

As usual I have been a TERRIBLE blogger!  I need to get on this!  These are a few of the baby boys (and one big sister) that I photographed earlier in the year and never posted.  They are so cute and charming and I just had to share their little faces!


Beauty amidst heartbreak | Albuquerque Baby Photographer

This is a post I had hoped I would never have to write.  A beautiful client of mine passed away early this year.  I first met Josh when he and Christina were expecting their first baby and it was so clear to me that he absolutely adored her and was so happy to become a dad.  I had a great time at their session and learning about how they met.  Josh and Christina were more than clients to me, we became friends.  I was so happy to share in their special moments and was honored to be their photographer for both of their beautiful children.  There was so much love there!  Like so many of Josh’s family and friends I was shocked and heartbroken to find out that Josh had passed away.  I wanted to do the impossible and bring him back to Christina and the kids.  Of course, I can’t do that.  One thing I can do is continue taking portraits.  Being a photographer, I put a lot of value in portraits of the people we love and I do consider it a priceless art.  You never truly feel that though until the person you love is no longer here and the only thing you have left are your memories and your portraits.  I am so thankful that I have portraits of Josh with his children to give to them.  Christina is so amazing and these two kids will definitely grow up knowing and loving their father because of her.  Christina asked to include a portrait of Josh in Liliana’s session, along with his boots.  It was a great idea and I just love how it turned out; smiles and love!   

LOVE you Christina, Elias and Liliana!

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Worth the wait | Albuquerque and Santa Fe Newborn Photographer

This gorgeous baby girl was wanted for so long, she is definitely worth the wait!


Another Boy! | Albuquerque Newborn Photographer

The sweet “G” family welcomed their third boy last month and I was honored to do newborn portraits for them again.  He has the biggest blue eyes and looks just like his handsome big brothers!  How adorable is he?!


Secret Garden | Albuquerque Baby & Child Photographer

I had a great time at the Albuquerque Botanical Gardens with this sweet little girl and her family.  It was a beautiful day and I always love seeing the “B” family.  How pretty does Natalie look in the gardens?!


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