Staley Photography Albuquerque Newborn

Newborn Session Information

Newborn sessions take place in your own home within ten days of your babies birth. The reason for this is babies will go to sleep easier, get into the cute curled positions and usually dont have baby acne yet in the first ten days of life. But mainly because that newborn look changes so quickly! I do not want to miss that, it is so special!

I also like to do newborns in the nude. Why? Well because I believe that I'm capturing them for a lasting memory of the brief period when they were new to this world. Babies are not born with clothes on, so I want to see them as they are and capture that. My style is more natural and clean. I want to see the little skin rolls and the tiny hairs! Clothes generally do not fit newborns well and distract from the baby. I LOVE to see that little umbilical cord as well, nothing else says newborn quite like that!

If you would like to do a newborn session, please call to "reserve" your due date as soon as possible during your pregnancy. I always leave room for newborn sessions in my schedule however just go ahead and add me to that hospital call list! The more notice I have, the more flexibilty I will have to schedule your session.

Newborn sessions will typically last between 2 and 3 hours. I allow plenty of time for feedings and cuddling.

When your session date is set, I will email you my exclusive, experience based, detailed information on making your session the best it can be.

If you have any questions please call or email me before your session.